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Build a Career with Purpose

When you start a Shaklee business, you partner with a company that has remained true to its values for more than 55 years.

You represent a company that is committed to product quality, Living in Harmony with Nature®, and always doing what is right, no matter the cost.

With this foundation, and your best efforts, you can build a meaningful career!

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Earn Cash

It's not the money. It's the great uses you have for it. Like summer camp. College tuition. A bigger home or a more secure one. The fun of watching a shrinking mound of debt. Sending help to family members when they need it. Making regular contributions to your church or favorite charity. Or simply earning enough to pay for your products. It feels good and it's possible.

A six figure income? With hard work, yes, absolutely.

Drive the Dream

At the end of the day, does your current work offer to give you money to help pay for a new car?

The Shaklee Car Bonus Program does just that! In Shaklee, you are rewarded for the value you create.

At the top rank, you can even be handed the keys to the car of your dreams!

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Live a Shaklee Lifestyle

Building a Shaklee business isn't only about having a career with purpose and earning cash or cars along the way—it's about enjoying a Shaklee lifestyle.

Living the Shaklee lifestyle is about freedom, flexibility, and opportunities to earn travel to exotic locations.

When was the last time someone paid for your travel?

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Getting Started

We describe the way you build a Shaklee business as Social Marketing™.

Getting started in Shaklee is as easy as remembering three words:

Share, Sponsor, and Grow.

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